photo: Andree Gabrielsson

The macadamia skin care products will cover all your skin's needs to let it look fresh and glowing always. it is not necessary to use eye cream, foot cream or hand lotion because the macadamia oil's properties make it ideal for any and all skin cells. they are 100% organic and contain no chemical preservatives or stabilizers. They come from 100% sustainable-grown macadamia orchards.

The sale of these skin care products is used to finance the planting of macadamia trees in indigenous communities in Guatemala and to make available to them a highly nutritious source of food, a viable source of income, a sustainable source of firewood as well as to continue our efforts to help preserve the environment and reduce our carbon footprint

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Emilia Aguirre Natural Skin Care products are based on the Oil of the Macadamia Nut, which has a very fine molecular structure and also the highest content of Palmitoleic and Linoleic Acid found in any natural oil.  Using the oil regularly helps prevent the formation of age spots and lines of expression.

Macadamia Oil is called a carrier oil because its fine molecular structure allows it to penetrate almost instantly into human skin and deliver these acids to the deep skin layers where they need to be, leaving no oily residue and without clogging pores.  It is used by many well-known international cosmetic houses  in their “ANTI_AGEING” products, some of these containing up to 24% macadamia oil. 


By using Emilia Aguirre skin care products you are helping the Valhalla Farm and Experiment Station continue their work of planting macadamia trees in poor indigenous communities in Guatemala and providing the farmers there with an on-going cash crop as well as an additional food source.


Emilia Aguirre Natural Skin Care Products ( payments for products are secured  Via paypal)

Emilia Aguirre's skin cream only contains three natural ingredients from trees: Macadamia oil, Merica Cerifera (wax from a tree) and Soy Lecithine.

Hand Made       Organic            100% Natural

Emilia Aguirre Skin Care products are perfect for:

  • Preventing and removing age spots and lines of expression from your skin
  •  Preventing stretch marks formed normally during pregnancy, with no negative effects for the baby as the oil contains no chemicals at all
  • Moisturizing your skin after shaving
  • Healing skin if it has been bruised, cut or burned
  • Reducing scar tissue
  • Moisturizing and conditioning your hair without leaving a greasy sensation