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Emilia Aguirre Natural Skin Care products are based on the Oil of the Macadamia Nut, which has a very fine molecular structure and also the highest content of Palmitoleic and Linoleic Acid found in any natural oil.  Using the oil regularly helps prevent the formation of age spots and lines of expression.

Macadamia Oil is called a carrier oil because its fine molecular structure allows it to penetrate almost instantly into human skin and deliver these acids to the deep skin layers where they need to be, leaving no oily residue and without clogging pores.  It is used by many well-known international cosmetic houses  in their “ANTI_AGEING” products, some of these containing up to 24% macadamia oil. 


By using Emilia Aguirre skin care products you are helping the Valhalla Farm and Experiment Station continue their work of planting macadamia trees in poor indigenous communities in Guatemala and providing the farmers there with an on-going cash crop as well as an additional food source.



Emilia Aguirre Natural Skin Care Products  

 Macadamia Oil 
  65 ml. (2.20 fl.oz.)   $36.50

photo: Andree Gabrielsson

You only need to use two or three drops at a time. The fine molecular structure of macadamia oil allows it to penetrate almost instantly into your skin and deliver the essential fatty acids to the deep skin layers where they are needed. Also excellent for dry, bleached, or damaged hair. Leaves no oily film.

How To Use: Spray on clean skin before retiring and in the morning before applying make-up to face, lips, and area around eyes. Also apply to hands and cuticles.

For men: Use as a moisturizing aftershave.

Hair: Apply after shampooing, using a hair dryer, or ironing. Put a very small amount of oil on your hands, rub palms together, and pass them through your hair. Do not wash out. Can be used daily.

During pregnancy: Apply to breasts and stomach to help prevent stretch marks. Because this is 100% pure macadamia nut oil, the baby will not be absorbing any chemicals or preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% pure macadamia nut oil (cold-pressed)

Emilia Aguirre Skin Care products have never been animal tested. They are made from all natural ingredients and have no chemical additives.

Macadamia nut oil contains exceptionally high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Due to its fine molecular structure, the oil is quickly absorbed into the skin without damaging it with chemicals. It will not clog your pores.

Emilia Aguirre Face Cream

45grams (1.58oz)   $27.50

Emilia Aguirre Face Cream is an ultra moisturizing cream that soothes and softens for a glowing, youthful complexion. Fragrance-free. Made from 100% natural ingredients. Uniquely beneficial for dry, sensitive, and maturing skin. This cream replenishes the fatty acids that are found naturally in youthful skin.

For day and night use, for normal to dry skin.

Highly concentrated, a little will go a long way.

Uniquely beneficial for sensitive and maturing skin, this cream replenishes the fatty acids that are found naturally in youthful skin.

Ingredients: 100% natural macadamia nut oil (cold-pressed), soy lecithin, waxes cultivated naturally in the rain forests of Guatemala

How To Use: Put a small amount -- about the size of a grain of rice -- on the palm of your hand. It will melt quickly from the warmth of your skin. Rub both hands together and gently place your hands on face, lips, and around your eyes.

You may also apply the cream directly to your face, patting to improve circulation.



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